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Tech Towel® Advantages

Participant Advantages

  1. It’s Wearable and Readily Available

  2. Easily Attachable and Detachable

  3. Handy and Convenient

  4. UltraLightweight

  5. High Wicking Content

  6. Soft Towel with a Sleek Look

  7. It Keeps Your Hands Free and is Easy to Use

  8. Used While Participating in Most Any Sports Activity (Running, Walking, Biking, Tennis, Rally Towels, Fishing, etc.…)

Advantages: Store Policies

Promotional Advertising Advantages

  1. Unique Product (Wearable sports towel – One of a kind and Patented to stay that way)

  2. Noticeable Product (Eye catching and very visible)

  3. Useful Product (Athlete’s sweat – Readily available high wicking towel is advantageous. Used while participating in sports)

  4. Continuous Advertising (Advertising after the event every time it is used)

  5. Precise Purchasing (One size fits all)

  6. All Gender Product (For men & women)

  7. Unlimited Branding (Four color process on one or both sides of towel)

  8. Proven Product (Sports and rally towels already proven effective)

  9. Cost Effective (Low dollar high volume product)


  1. Clip Color

  2. Border Color

  3. Hook and Loop Color (If applicable)

  4. Branding (Four color sublimation process)

  5. Towel Size

Advantages: Shipping Policy
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